Top 10 Cryptocurrency TikTok Accounts to follow

TikTok is the newest breakthrough platform that has quickly become a repository of the top crypto TikTokers who are eager to share their knowledge on the unique investment instrument. That’s why the cryptocurrency community has taken to TikTok to find crypto TikTok influencers that can help them make investing decisions. In this post, we’ll look at the finest cryptocurrency TikTok accounts to follow to get the most up-to-date and accurate information on current market conditions.

BitBoyCrypto (2.7M)

If you’re looking for the best crypto TikTokers, go no further than Bitboycrypto. Ben Armstrong is the name of the YouTuber who later discovered the potential of TikTok. He is a well-known TikToker who regularly gives useful information on the platform. He can also be found on Twitter and Instagram. He also has a website with the domain where he provides bitcoin knowledge.

Cyptocita (731K)

She is an undeniable crypto nerd who provides razor-sharp bitcoin investment advice. She talks about mining, crypto rules, and introductory cryptocurrency courses, among other things. She also has other TikTok videos that are unrelated to cryptocurrency and are primarily humorous. She is undoubtedly one of the finest crypto TikTokers, with over 730.3K followers on the app.

VirtualBacon (252.3K)

Virtualbacon is a cryptocurrency TikTok influencer that will walk you through the baby steps if you are thirsty for accurate crypto education. He will accompany you while you learn the fundamentals of cryptocurrency investing. He does it in a language that you can understand — one that is simple to grasp. You will progress from an inexperienced investor to an expert capable of analyzing patterns thanks to his straightforward explanations.

Thewolfofbitcoins (248.1K)

This man has to be included in our list of the top cryptocurrency TikTok accounts. He was the first TikTok influencer to write a bitcoin TikTok that went viral.

His content concentrates on “how-to” lessons, such as buying things with Bitcoin and getting free Bitcoins.

Cryptomasun (234.3K)

This person makes the top cryptocurrency TikTok accounts list because he not only has a large following (now 234.3K), but he is also a frequent TikToker. His real name, Mason Versluis, provides a constantly updated stream of content to customers interested in more than just “how-to” but also wants to study recent bitcoin market trends. In the Bitcoin industry, he brings a spiritual perspective. A quick look at his videos reveals that he is a fervent supporter of XRP.

Cryptomendyo (140K)

This is a new cryptocurrency TikTok influencer who has amassed over 140 thousand followers and 900 thousand likes quickly. She is known for providing her followers with regular crypto news and updates. She also provides technical analysis of the bitcoin ecosystem’s events. If you’re having trouble navigating the bitcoin landscape, she’ll take your hand and make sure you don’t fall.

Cryptokang (68K)

This is one of those guys that not only gives cryptocurrency expertise — particularly on lesser-known tokens — but also funny movies. He keeps his audience up to date on new protocols and coins on the market. As previously stated, you will not be shocked to see some non-crypto-related amusing videos that will leave you in stitches when watching his videos. He isn’t particularly active on Twitter, but he has amassed a sizable following on TikTok.

Cryptoweatherman (60K)

If you’re looking for technical analysis, Cryptoweatherman is one of the greatest cryptocurrency TikTok accounts to follow. He effortlessly combines technical analysis and economics to provide you with accurate market information. He is quite proactive in creating predictions and sharing them with his TikTok fans. Although he focuses on the technical side of crypto investment, he also devotes time to providing advice on when to buy and sell digital currencies.

Cryptoentrrepreneur (29K)

If you’re looking for a top cryptocurrency TikTok account, go no further than Cryptoentrepreneur. He doesn’t offer any advice or instructional material. Instead, he focuses on videos of well-known people discussing cryptocurrency. He often posts footage of significant events, such as the 2010 event in which a man spent 10,000 BTC on a single pizza.

Cryptochuck (10.5K)

If you look at Cryptochuck’s TikTok page, you’ll discover that he’s a big fan of Ethereum. To keep you entertained, his videos are filled with delectable spices of humor. He once tweeted a cryptocurrency question, claiming that if Elon Musk invented Bitcoin, it would be bad for the globe.

We will continue to see more crypto TikTok influencers join the platform to distribute content as TikTok’s disruptive impact develops. If you’re seeking the greatest cryptocurrency TikTok accounts, any of the aforementioned will not disappoint. However, before investing in cryptocurrencies, we recommend that you conduct your own study.

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